About Me

What makes me tick…

Kimberly and HollyFirst and foremost, I love cats (I love all animals, but cats are the tops). Volunteering with a pet rescue led me to unofficially run my own cat sanctuary for special needs cats. They require a lot of patience and care, but their companionship, love and quirky personalities are wonderful payment in return. My most notable four-legged charge is Holly the paraplegic cat; if you feel so inclined, visit her Facebook page to see what she’s gotten into now.

I also love photography. My eye is drawn to nature – wide expanses as well as up-close in your face “Oh my goodness, I never noticed that before” macro shots. I typically avoid anything man-made (power lines, blacktop roads) unless it’s something seemingly jumping out of the past, like dilapidated homes and barns, a rusted pickup truck. We may all have the same views available to us, but I’m certain that I see things slightly different than anyone else and capturing that image just as I see it is magical.

And if that wasn’t enough, I have a love of writing (and editing) as well. When the words flow, almost as if from a higher power, conveying precisely the image and feeling I perceive in my mind, it’s truly liberating. However I know that sometimes the words others’ want to express are trapped in their head and heart. Or they believe they are expressing themselves clearly, but the message is getting lost. When given the opportunity to edit their work, I approach it as their ideal reader and intuitively round out the story, fill in the gaps, and produce an end-product of which they are proud.

The connection to you

Kimberly McCloskeyIn a profound way, I realize that those three passions of my life translate pretty well into my business. My clients are like my cats; they require a lot of patience and care, but their love, companionship and unique personalities make it all worth-while. I view my clients’ businesses as I would through my camera, seeing things differently than they do. I see the big picture as well as the minute details. My writing and editing speaks to open and honest communication and education, the sharing of knowledge with others.

How I got here

My road of experience travels back over 26 years (yikes!?) I sampled several different industries: Who’s Who directories, front desk administrator, executive assistant to vice president of training (for an international productivity consulting firm, no less), bookkeeping, desktop publishing, real estate assistance, and retail store ownership.

Every one of those experiences prepared me well for the world of virtual assistance which I entered in 2003. But after 11 years of being a tiny (but significant) cog in the businesses of my clients, I felt the desire to step into a much bigger role.

That’s when I became a Certified Online Business Manager. I’m a self-proclaimed organization genius, recovering perfectionist, and control enthusiast – meaning I like to manage the details, ensure things are planned and systematized, and that everything is done correctly and on time.

A little more history

Kimberly and RobI am the youngest of three children, but with five years separating me from “them” and being an Aries, I naturally have leadership tendencies. I discovered photography and writing when I was 12. I took business education courses through high school and then attended Katharine Gibbs Business School and received Certification from their Executive Secretarial and Information Processing Program.  I have been with my husband since 1991 and he’s always been supportive of my hobbies and my business.

Do we have anything in common?

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