This is a collection of nice things that people say about me.

Kimberly knew exactly what to do.

I hired Kimberly to create standard operating procedures for my quickly expanding company. Kimberly knew exactly what to do. She skillfully & patiently walked me through the exact steps. I was super pleased at the process and outcome as my team and I are now able to have highly systematized processes to manage every detail of setting up new clients for Facebook advertising, benefiting both my team and my clients. I look forward to working with Kimberly on future projects.

She has a keen ability to know where I am going with my thoughts.

Kim is simply wonderful at what she does. I never imagined that writing could feel so effortless. She is able to transform my writing into something I can feel proud of. As a new writer I was unsure of what to expect when working with a copy editor. Kim is truly gifted, fast and reliable. She makes me look good and sound intelligent! She has a keen ability to know where I am going with my thoughts. She is easy to connect with and she genuinely listens and cares. Soon after beginning my work with Kim, I realized that she is actually much more than a copy editor. In addition to editing she helps me with my newsletter, social media postings and website changes. She coordinates all of this and keeps me on a schedule. I never realized I could find such a variety of help in one person. Thank you Kim - for lightening my load. Now I can focus on my business, knowing that you have me covered.

Michelle Kelley, LCSW
Girls Stand Strong

She's a mind reader!

Working with Kimberly made my newsletter POSSIBLE during my busiest time of year. She's a mind reader! I can send her a couple of paragraphs and she turns them into a cohesive and interesting article or blog post. I trust her judgment completely. The same can be said for when I need a new sales page or product description for my web site. With just a few lines of description and maybe a quick chat, she takes what I provide and runs with it. I am always completely satisfied with her work and grateful for her help.

Maddie Brown, CPA
The Entrepreneur’s CFO

Kimberly is one of the few!

Kimberly is a skilled and efficient copy writer with an excellent command of the English language and grammar. When we first started working with Kimberly, one of her first tasks was to rewrite the verbiage on our website to make it more people-friendly and appealing, a chore that Kimberly completed quickly and easily. We receive many compliments on our website as a result of Kimberly's work. Every month we provide Kimberly with a basic idea as her guideline and from that idea she creates enticing and engaging copy for our advertising. Kimberly is also able to write concise, meaningful posts for our social media outlets, something that is very important in business marketing these days. Let's face it, writing effective Tweets is a definite skill and one that few possess …and Kimberly is one of the few!

Rosemary Metcalf
Windrush Alpacas

She is always very observant, diligent and professional.

I have known and worked with Kimberly McCloskey since 1993. Whether it's proofreading a project, doing some major copyediting, or just giving her an idea to run with, she is always very observant, diligent and professional. Sometimes my writing is not so great, but I know I have Kimberly behind me to help make my fragmented thoughts cohesive and brilliant-sounding! She also has a magical way of making her copywriting sound like my own voice—or my clients when she's helping them—so everything blends nicely. Kimberly takes the stress out of writing!

Kimberly is a fabulous support to me.

The beauty of working with Kimberly is that I am free to express myself by writing and I am able to enjoy it. I know that she is right there to check my grammar and punctuation and she is amazing at completely understanding where I am coming from. If I’m not sure of something or how to word something, she does it and you would never know it wasn’t me. She knows exactly how to write ‘as if’ she’s me! Kimberly is a fabulous support to me, always there with the answers I need. She gives me wonderful insights, guidance and encouragement. I am successfully a writer because of her! Before I worked with Kim, I knew I ran on and on and my punctuation wasn’t always spot on. I was intimidated and felt as if I’d make a big mistake and people would read it and think "wow, this writer needs to pack it in, she’s terrible". Now people comment and say how impressed they are with my writing and can’t wait to read more! Because I have Kimberly on my team, the fear of making a big mistake and feeling foolish or stupid never came true. The best part is that the more we work together, the better I get, the more confident I feel, and everyone benefits because my readers love my writing and that means more success for me!

Exceptionally creative...

Kimberly has been assisting me in my business for several years. Her competence in handling many of the business requirements of the gallery are invaluable. I am proud to have a partnership with Kim and I have full confidence that my business will be successful due to her professionalism, competence and experience. Her talents in creating and managing the gallery website continues to be impressive, receiving positive reviews. I am fortunate to be represented by Kim’s exceptionalism which is reflected in many avenues of my business.

I am so happy I found Kim!

I feel so fortunate to have someone who not only can professionally edit my blogs and newsletter, but who also really understands and appreciates what I do. She's thorough, prompt, easy to work with, and does a fabulous job. I am so happy I found Kim!

Your expertise, wisdom and wit never cease to amaze us...

Hi Kimberly. We just wanted to take a minute to thank you for making our lives so much easier each month! Hiring you to prepare our monthly newsletter has proven to be one of the best business decisions we made as we explored affordable ways to increase our real estate business. Your expertise, wisdom and wit never cease to amaze us and our buyers and sellers give the newsletter rave reviews. We wish you the best of luck and are so proud to be a small part of your success.

Sonya and Joey Reid
Appalachian Land Company

We are very lucky!

Kimberly and I have worked together on an e-newsletter for Castoff Pet Rescue since July 2011, with Kimberly doing all of the formatting. It's the most professional-looking newsletter I've ever seen, including those published by much bigger shelters. We both write articles for the newsletter and check each other's work. Kimberly is great to work with, highly skilled, very literate and bright. She is also a passionate volunteer for the cause of shelter animals in our care and we are very lucky to have a volunteer with such skills!

Nancy Ede, Secretary of the Board (former)
Castoff Pet Rescue

Kim is a phenomenal asset to our team.

I found Kim McCloskey at a time when I didn't think I needed her services because I was already using a VA who I thought did a great job. Through some events that unfolded over a number of months, the VA I was using and I severed our working relationship.

That left me at a crossroads of finding someone I felt could do as good of a job as my previous assistant, which honestly I didn't think could be done. Was I wrong.

It turned out to be an absolute blessing things worked out the way they did. Kim had been staying in touch with me for quite some time, so I contacted her for an interview. Everything about her was what I was looking for, so we gave it a test run. She learned the ropes of our systems quickly and immediately began implementing them and getting us caught up in the numerous things that had lapsed. By then, she got it.

To sum all this up, Kim is a phenomenal asset to our team. She's trustworthy, honest, fair, smart, detail oriented, and works hard. She will be a tremendous asset to your business, and if you still have any concerns, I highly encourage you to use her services - it won't take long till you're too a raving fan.

She is such a professional who cares…

Kim is wonderful to work with and I am so happy to have turned over my monthly ezines to her. With little guidance she performs magic with my words and ideas creating an interesting and refreshing newsletter that my readers enjoy. She is such a professional who cares…just like me. We work well together.

My go to person for jobs that need to be done quickly and correctly.

Kimberly is a long lost friend who I am happy to have found again not just for the friendship, but for the work she has done when I found myself in a pinch. Her thoughtfulness to the task, personal touches to the project, and experience with the latest technology has made her my go to person for jobs that need to be done quickly and correctly.

Kristine Quinby
Potential, Inc.