Focus on your strengths and allow them to propel your business forward!

Beautiful business womanWhen you are in “The Zone”, everything comes together easily and flows smoothly, creativity is heightened, and perception is sharper. When you stop worrying about the details, you are given the freedom to be in your zone … all the time!

So how do you stop from worrying about the details? Simple.

Partner with a Certified Online Business Manager!

  • I will manage the day-to-day operations that are bogging you down so that you can perform more revenue-generating activities that only you can do.
  • I will create systems and processes so you can take a four-week European vacation and know that everything within your company will run like clockwork while you’re gone.
  • I will plan and manage all your projects and see them through completion so that you can put your energy toward coming up with new ideas, products and services.
  • I will manage your team of virtual assistants, sub-contractors and other virtual specialists so that you only need to communicate with one person (me).
  • I will track and measure your business metrics so that you know how well everything is going and where to focus your marketing dollars.

How this can work…

I work with clients in two ways: one is in a traditional Certified Online Business Manager role and the other is on a project basis.

In either case, we’ll begin our relationship with a package of sorts. It gives us an opportunity to test the waters before we commit to anything long term (if that is our goal).

Some of the packages I offer include:

  • Systems & Processes Discovery: creation of processes and develop SOP guide
  • Team/Project Management: assessment and development of procedures and best practices
  • Leak Detection: of gaps in website, communication, delivery systems, customer service, etc.
  • Sponsorship Assistance: in-person support at live events
  • E-zine Implementation or Rejuvenation: creation of schedules, processes and tracking

If you’re a newbie to the online business world and not ready for an OBM yet, I also offer my:

  • Start-Up Online Business Presence Package: basic setup of website, Fan page, newsletter, project management tool, scheduling and SOPs for all.


As your OBM, I am not your coach or mentor. However, I will hold your hand when necessary but will also keep you on task in a lighthearted way (unless you drag your feet, then I’ll be on you). I’ll be honest with you even if you don’t want to hear it if it’s something you need to know. I will take “ownership” of my position within your business.

If you’re cool with all of that, we need to chat.  Schedule a call with me for a complementary discovery session.